Art by Anna Weiss

Fusion of Tibetan and Medieval art

Meet the fusion

of European and Asian cultures

Explore the synthesis of Tibetan and Medieval European art through the eyes of Anna Weiss – an artist with the background in classical academic drawing.


Dakini Simhamukha

Pencils, fine liners

Lungta horse

Walnut ink, color pencils

Guru Rinpoche

Fine liners, pencils

Winter Solstice

Walnut ink, white pencil, gold & silver ink

Namkha maker

Tea, fine liners, color pencils, gold & silver ink

Dakini the Protectress of Women

Walnut ink, color pencils

Year of Water Rabbit – 2023

fine liners, color pencils

Wheel of Dharma

tea, fine liners, color pencils

Merry Autumn Equinox

fine liners, pencils, tea